Our concept

Culinary Fusion

Itachi is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of culinary fusion. Here, Italian classics meet Eastern flavors to create unique dishes. From crayfish ravioli and leek with yellow chicken to green lentil stew with curry, pepper-coriander condiments, and green sauce, each dish is a discovery.

Passion and Creativity

The chef's passion is reflected in the artistic presentation of the dishes. Creativity is at the heart of Itachi's kitchen, where there is constant experimentation to find the perfect balance between flavors and textures.

Commitment to Quality

Itachi is committed to using fresh ingredients, predominantly organic and local, to ensure a culinary experience of the highest quality. This attention to detail is found in every dish, offering a healthy and tasty dining experience.

"Homemade" at the Core of the Concept

Every bite reveals a deep commitment to authenticity and quality. From starters to desserts, every element is meticulously prepared by hand, highlighting the passion and expertise of the kitchen team. The homemade sorbets, a staple on the menu, offer a burst of freshness, perfect for concluding a flavorful meal. Itachi goes further by selecting primarily organic ingredients and favoring local producers whenever possible. This approach not only ensures a reduced ecological footprint but also guarantees an explosion of authentic flavors, making each dish not only delicious but also responsible.

What is Itachi restaurant's specialty?

Itachi specializes in Italo-Asian fusion cuisine, offering unique experiences where Italian and Asian flavors meet.

Does the restaurant offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Itachi offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, ensuring an inclusive culinary experience for all diets.

Are the ingredients local and organic?

Itachi prefers to use fresh ingredients, predominantly organic and local, to ensure the best quality and flavor in every dish.

Is the restaurant family-friendly?

Absolutely, Itachi provides a family-friendly and welcoming environment, with dishes suitable for all ages.

Can I reserve a table at Itachi?

Yes, it is recommended to reserve a table at Itachi to ensure a spot in this popular and intimate restaurant.